Friday, November 11, 2011

Completed!!! The Anne Series (and a Veteran's Day tribute)

I was able to get a lot of reading done yesterday.  I blatantly ignored housework and personal hygeine and the children's meals and indulged in a much-needed reading day.  I my goal had been to finish "Rilla of Ingleside" before Tuesday, when I will receive my next book club book (don't know what it will be...I'm sure I've been told...).  But when I realized today would be Veteran's Day and the final book of the "Anne" series is all about WWI, I decided to finish it in honor of this day.  I feel very educated about the Great War and how much had to be sacrificed.  I know I really only have seen a drop in the bucket, and I selfishly declare I'm not sure I want to know more than that about wars.  I'm glad I'm not in the armed forces and I'm glad my husband has so many health issues there's no way they'd let him sign up.  But my brother, brother-in-law, and father-in-law have all served in National Guard and I'm grateful for what they and countless others have done for our liberties.

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