Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"I Just Want You to Know" by Kate Gosselin

I'll confess, when Jon and Kate Plus Eight was a new show in TLC, I loved it and watched religiously.   I'm not a Kate Gosselin fan by any means, but I did enjoy watching the kids.  The last time I was at the dollar store browsing the reject shelves I came across this one and picked it up.  I don't read too many biographical type books, maybe that's why it intrigued me.  It's a collection of stories on raising the twins and sextuplets, with personal letters from Kate to each of the kids sprinkled in between chapters.  It was a book that I kept mentally editing for clarity.

I know Kate gets a lot of flack in the media.  I don't watch DWTS but I heard she was often rude to her professional dancing partner.  Anyone who has watched her shows knows she has a short fuse and high expectations of everyone around her.  BUT, I really believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt.  It wasn't like she woke up one morning and decided to raise eight children 4 years old and under and get divorced while it was all on television.  No, she didn't make the best decisions.  And she's making the best with what she's got and with who she is.  Yes, I think those kids are going to be pretty confused adults.  But I wish people would stop attacking people in the public eye, because she's not trying to harm anyone, she just makes mistakes while doing her best.

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