Monday, February 13, 2012

"The House at Riverton" by Kate Morton

I got my hands on another Kate Morton book.  I loved The Forgotten Garden so much, I've been meaning to read more of her books!  (I've already started on the third one, I couldn't resist.)  All I can say is I loved it.  I took more than one 2-hour bath reading it, because it was one of those books where you can't just read a few pages and go on to your next task.

Where TFG took place in three different time periods, House is told in two.  The theme of disconnected motherhood was present in both books, which makes me wonder what Morton's relationship with her own mother is like.  I think House is a combination of Downton Abbey (TV series) and The Great Gatsby.  I remember while reading often asking myself if the writers of Downton Abbey had read House, because there were many similarities in events and even some names, but I guess if you're writing a well-researched era piece there are bound to be similarities like that.  I am always impressed with Morton's list of resources she used to write her books.  It tells the reader how dedicated she is to telling the story right in doing so much reading and research. 

People have been asking me if Morton's 3 novels are a series and they are indeed not.  Just for clarification. 

So, in case you haven't noticed, I'm a big Morton fan and I think everyone should read her books!

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