Monday, September 10, 2012

"Crossed" by Ally Condie

"Crossed" is the sequel to "Matched."  I had heard most readers didn't like it as much as the first.  I enjoyed it very much, however, not as much as the first.  There were some parts where the transition of certain ideas didn't flow smoothly and I had to skip back to re-listen to certain passages so I could catch up to what was going on in the story.

 There was one slightly bigger thing that bothered me. There are four groups addressed in the book:  the Society, the Rising, the Farmers, and the Enemy.  But the Enemy is only referenced to, it's never explored.  The characters take for granted the Enemy is who the Society and Farmers say it is, and there is not much information to go off of aside from the fact the Enemy exists and shoots at certain groups from time to time.  I'm just hoping the question of the Enemy is answered in "Reached" (released November 13, 2012).

I liked the introduction of a few new characters, and I hope some them carry on into the next book.  "Crossed" was written from the duel perspectives of Ky and Cassia, and part of me wonders if "Reached" will alternate between Ky, Cassia, and Xander.

I'm really looking forward to "Reached" and need to be sure my library has a purchase order in for it.  Two months isn't too long to wait!

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  1. We have to wait cuz everyone has it on hold! And I learned from the an intervie with Ally Condie that Reached will be split narrative of Cassia, Ky and Xander. I had the same questions about the Enemy. I also have my theories about reclassified citizens (not all rebellious reasons). I read the first 1.5 chapters of Reached on my Mother in law's ipad before we came home from Thanksgiving. I'm excited. I'm glad you are enjoying them, some people hated them and don't see what I do in the series. That if our society were to go the way of dystopia, it would be the Matched route. I mean, we are already "taking care" of people through government much the same way-creating dependency. There's legislation written into Obama care (I read it myself) about "end of life counseling" which was definitely left open to interpretation. People are already making decisions that they would rather be "safe" than "free". The way I see it is that if it was SO important to Heavenly Father that we have agency that He was willing to watch His children suffer because of the ill choices of others, we also need to be willing to suffer some bad in order to protect that agency. I felt like the ending of Crossed was really similar to the ending of Catching Fire.