Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Tear Up This Book" by Keri Smith, from the American Girl Library

My daughter, Alayna, had all the money she got from her November birthday and Christmas burning holes in her pockets, so during Christmas break we did some serious girl shopping, just her and me.  It was awesome.  At Target she found this book, "Tear Up This Book."  She was immediately drawn to it by its title and description: "The sticker, stencil, stationery, games, games, crafts, doodle, and journal book for girls!"  Wow, that pretty much summarizes everything Alayna likes to do in her free time.  She has simply loved the activities in it from day one.  Even this afternoon I helped her work on a mobile she wants to surprise her little sister with to hang over her bed.  So, if there's a young 'tween in your life, she'll probably really dig this find.

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