Monday, February 4, 2013

"Wings of Arian" by Devri Walls

"Wings of Arian" is Devri Walls' break-through novel.  She's a local Kuna author, so I was eager to get my hands on her book. It's exciting for me to see someone guide their writing dream to fruition.

The Kingdom of Meros is a special place to live, for there is no evil.  The citizens haven't witnessed lies, cheating, murder, theft, or any kind of deception in a thousand years.  But that is going to change, because the dark forces that were defeated a millennium ago are stirring.  There is one who can save the kingdom in a final battle: the Solus.  The Solus and a Protector must be found and trained to defeat Dralazar, a dark magical being who wants dominion over all.  This is story is good versus evil in magical, mythical proportions.  

This story is imaginative, delightful, and adventurous.  If you've ever dreamed of making yourself invisible, flying on a Pegasus, battling a dragon, or transfiguring yourself into an entirely different entity, you should enjoy this other-world adventure.

The second book in the Solus Trilogy, "Wings of Tavea," is also available on ebook and paperback.  Review to come soon!


  1. How fun to read from a local author. I will out this one on my to read list. I am not a HUGE fan of this kind of story BUT that doesn't mean I won't like this book.

  2. I hope you read it, Angela! Let me know what you think!