Monday, January 2, 2012

"The Dark Frigate" by Charles Hawes

A story about a young man's adventures among pirates. I'm just a few chapters into it.  I like the pace of the story, but I think the language is so antiquated it would be hard for children to understand, especially the Scottish dialect (while beautifully broken-down phonetically, I only can decifer half the words).  Anywho, my first impressions of the book are favorable, and it should be a brief read.

Update 1/11/12:  Finished two days ago.  I think the story would make a great screen-play in the hands of the right writers to be turned into a great action movie.  But the 18th-century language plus the ship jargon that was like Greek to me, the book was hard to persue in some points. Even when the plot was exciting, I didn't feel excited.  Sadly, the author died at a young age shortly after it's publication.  If he'd had the opportunity to write more I'm sure he would've created some wonderful stories.

Next Newbery book:  "Tales from Silver Lands" by Charles Finger.  I already have my copy, I just keep forgetting to get it out of the library bag.

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