Monday, January 21, 2013

"Reached" by Ally Condie

"Reached" was released in November 2012.  In September or October I put in a purchase request with my library for copy of the audio CDs.  They're usually very good about fulfilling purchase requests as long as they think there will be a big enough demand for that title, especially if it's part of a series.  So I thought acquiring "Reached" would be a no-brainer.  When December came and went I finally put my name on the book waiting list, believing the library either couldn't purchase the CDs at that time or lost my request.  When I was #9 on the book reserve list, I got an email saying the CDs were available for me to pick up.  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

"Reached" is the third book of the "Matched" trilogy. I was very happy when I started listening to it and learned my guess that "Reached" would be narrated by the three main characters--Cassia, Ky, and Xander--was correct.  Ally Condie has a fantastic talent for creating her stories.  I felt as I listened to it that Condie gave birth to her stories through words like a stone cutter reveals a statue hidden in rock.  Her poetic imagery and symbolism were so natural, it felt as though those elements in the story always existed; she was able to expose them and mold them to give the words their own voice to be heard.

And I have to say I really adore the book covers.  The art and aesthetic appeal really draw me in.  I find myself staring at them in sequence as Cassia emerges from her glass bubble.  As she destroys it, she becomes reborn herself.  It just makes me all sorts of happy.

Finally, I listened to the entire series on CD.  Books on CD can be fantastic little productions.  I like the feeling that someone is reading me a bedtime story, like when I was a little girl.  All three audio books were a pleasure to listen to.

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  1. I have heard you talk about books on tape this a series that is okay to listen to infront of the kids?

  2. Yes, I think so. They probably won't understand all of it, but the author is an LDS gal and keeps the story clean yet engaging.